Life in The Now

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I have learned so much from having dogs. I know, that sounds cliche’ but seriously, it’s true! Dogs eat, sleep, play, work, breathe, LIVE in the NOW. Before dogs in my life, I had a very intellectual understanding of that concept: live in the moment, one step at a time, and all that. But what does that really mean? Sometimes it seems the human life is made up of yesterdays and tomorrows; right now is incidental. Dogs don’t care about what happened five minutes ago and they aren’t obsessing about what might happen five minutes from now – only humans do that. We constantly stress ourselves out over what we should or should not have done in the past and what we should or should not do in the future. I have to say, dogs have the right of it. Life is so much simpler and much more pleasant when you live for the now. Sure you still have to plan to pay your bills, buy food for dinner tomorrow, etc, but the obsessing over past/future has absolutely no good purpose! If you did something you’re not happy about, resolve not to do it again and move on. Reliving it over and over, wishing the outcome had been different and fantasizing as if it had gone differently, does what exactly? Hike the blood pressure, that’s what. Same with obsessing over potential future instances: they never go like you think they will, you never say exactly what you want to say, and people never respond exactly as you expect. So what’s the point? Stop obsessing and try living in the now for a while. You might find you like it here.


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