A Dog’s Life

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It’s truly a dog’s life here at KnightHearth. My husband and I have independently, and frequently, commented “I want to come back as one of our dogs!”  Life for our dogs is very low stress. We have 25 acres of mostly wooded lands to run, siblings to play, all day and night to sleep (when they’re not on guard duty), humans to love them (practically whenever the spring-loaded hind leg informs us there’s a belly-toll to be paid), and lots of games to play with us too! They switch off who’s in training, who’s on guard duty, who gets to play, who gets the car ride, and who gets to be snuggle-buddy. They may try to tell visitors they never get any loving, but that is a lie!

Uruk: "love me!"
Uruk: “love me, please?”
Artemis happily takes a breather
Artemis happily takes a breather

Whenever we are walking the property, at least one dog remains with each of us at all times. Another dog will come up, tag in, and the one that was left with the human takes off to go investigate or patrol. On guard duty, Orion even watches the sky and barks at vultures as though they are ‘death from above’ – I suppose they are, at least to him – and yes, he really can tell the difference in birds.

The worst thing that we still haven’t been able to do is keep them from rolling in death whenever they find it – yuck! Fortunately not all of them think it’s necessary to roll in it and come back wafting of entrails. I had to laugh one time though… Two of the girls had come back three days in a row wafting of the nastiness (they refused to lead us to their ‘treasure’) so they got cold baths for it every time, and then sulked that we washed off their ‘perfume’ for the rest of the evening. My anklet, Ares, got jealous of the extra attention the girls were getting for returning stinky, so even though he’s not one to roll in the nastiness, he came back that third day covered in it, muzzle to tail. He made damned sure he was going to get some extra attention that day!

Ever-watchful Ares
Ever-watchful Ares

Dana’s pretzel twists as shown here look awfully enticing….


Seriously, how it is she can pretzel herself into these bizarre positions but is quite obviously, and incredibly, comfortable? Me, after only a short time I’d be a stiff and sore mess for trying even half of what she does on a regular basis! To have that much comfort, absolute bliss, incredibly secure in your surroundings with no concerns whatsoever… That’s what I want. Add to that the biggest worry they have is whether or not big brother or sister stole their bone when they weren’t looking so they have the bother of getting up to find another one nearby? Oh, the bother! Gee, that’s tough. I mean really, what more could a dog want in this life? Oh yeah, I want to come back as one of my dogs.

I’m of the mind that anything is potentially possible, so why not? Sure, we would have to reincarnate, come back as a being other than human, and transcend time so as to be one of our own dogs… But hey, really, why not? No, don’t argue, just go with me here. There’s so much we don’t know, can’t know so long as we are locked into this existence with limited human thinking, so who are we to say what is or is not truly possible? Furry happiness runs rampant here, and they’re only slightly spoiled. So, yup, I want to come back as one of my dogs.

Rowan sacked out :-P
Rowan sacked out 😛

One thought on “A Dog’s Life

    Tara Geist said:
    March 12, 2015 at 12:45 AM

    They are precious! Looks to me like anyone would happily come back as one of your dogs!

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