The Liebster Award!

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My first blog award! Woohoo!
My first blog award! Woohoo!

The purpose of the Liebster Award is to recognize up-and-coming new bloggers, bring exposure to them, and encourage networking between us. Great idea and I’m honored to be a part of it!

Many, many thanks to RandomMusingsAndWanderlust for the nomination!  I really appreciate your faith in me. Readers, if you haven’t seen RandomMusing’s blog yet, go check it out!

Guidelines to accept nomination of a Liebster Award:

  • Blog post your Liebster Award nomination
    • Include Liebster Award logo on your site/post
    • Thank the nominating blogger and link to their blog
    • Answer the 10 award nomination questions
    • Nominate 10 other new blogs with less than 200 followers
      • Notify new nominees and link their blogs
      • Provide 10 new questions for your nominees to answer

So now, the “thought-provoking, mind riveting, brain picking questions” provided for this nomination of my blog by RandomMusings:

Q1. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
Dead:  Albert Einstein
Alive: Anne Bishop, sci-fi fantasy fiction author

Q2. If you had one super power what would it be?
And what makes you think I don’t already have super powers? Hmm? Ok, when I was little, I wanted to be Flame-Girl (like Torch of Fantastic Four) because I’d be able to fly like a rocket at will, nobody could touch me if I didn’t want them to, I could burn them if they tried, and I figured I’d make a kick ass flaming chick! Of course, flying alone is pretty awesome too, but…

Honestly, if I could I would choose the ability to nurture and heal at a touch (like many ‘Greenman’ and Fertility Goddess myths). As with all human choices, it could be used for good or ill, but mostly I just wish I could easily aid healthy plant growth and instantly heal injury or illness. (Note: I do believe in the power of positive encouragement and facilitating energetic healing, but to be able to do it instantly without any reservations or hindrances in the way would be an awesome ability. Plus I wouldn’t lose anymore plants to “mysterious” illnesses or watch our animals and loved one suffer when they are hurt)

Just for fun, a close second choice would be the ability to control a “magical cupboard” as introduced by Anne Bishop in her Black Jewels series. It allows magic users to invisibly “carry” nearly anything with them without the encumbrances actually on the body or occupying the hands – like a picnic basket full of goodies, a change of clothes/shoes, or anything else practical or might be handy – and items can be “called in” from the cupboard one at a time or as needed. Cupboard capacity is based on the strength of user’s ability and drains energy at a rate dependent on the “space” occupied, so you couldn’t really carry an entire household full of stuff. Even still, this is a pretty awesome idea.

Q3. What is the most daring, or outrageous thing you’ve done.
There was this one time… I had just gotten dumped and was determined to go out partying, but I didn’t have an available friend to go with me. I took a cab to the nightlife scene, club-hopped, danced and drank with total strangers, then ended up at an after party at the house of some college guys I hardly knew. At dawn, I made the embarrassing call to ask my mom to come and get me. 

In retrospect, that night was an incredibly stupid series of decisions. I thank my cosmic support team for saving me from anything worse than a mild hangover. I was damned lucky!

Q4. Of all the posts you’ve written, which one is your Most favorite, and why?

Words: When Language Breaks Down” because no matter who you are or what your beliefs or opinions on anything, this issue is relevant to everyone.

Q5. What is your favorite word?

Acceptance. I think this is one of the very few words that doesn’t have  pre-based bias or illusion attached to it. It simply is what it is. And when you actually experience it, it’s a truly beautiful thing.

Q6. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to blogging?

Perfectionism. I have a hard time posting randomly or without a real point to be made. I currently have five, different, potential blog posts in progress, and two have been in progress since before I started this blog. But, I can’t seem to make myself post something if I don’t feel like it’s complete… then if I ramble on too far I cut it back… then I have to rewrite it to include some points I cut out… (No, I wasn’t potty-trained at gun point, but I am a bit anal).

Q7. What is one valuable piece of advice you’ve been given that you’d like to share?

Take the time to figure out who you are, independent of others’ views, judgments or expectations. Finding happiness in, and acceptance of, your inner self is loads more important and rewarding than trying to adapt to, or compensate for, any other opinion.

Q8. You have a time machine, and can be transported to any time you chose, but it will be a one way trip. Where do you choose, and why?

 …and again I have a two-part answer. Ha! It seems I have a hard time giving the simple first answer – over-thinking I guess. Besides, time travel was not one of the things I would geek-out about as a kid so I’ve never seriously considered such an idea. So my over-think debate is this: would this time machine be an actual machine, as in The Time Machine and I could transport myself with clothing and supplies intact, or would this be more like The Terminator and I would be transported naked of anything besides my birthday suit?

If yes to the clothing and supplies, then my choice would be pre-Columbus North America, maybe 1400-ish. I am fascinated by untouched nature and cultures that have been repressed, some aspects even lost. I also feel fairly confident that I could survive in the wild if I “landed” in an uninhabited area. I wouldn’t take anything obviously scary to the natives, like lighters or firearms, but I would probably take my compass, some modern steel blades, graphite pencils, maybe a magnesium stick (Ha! Archeologists, explain that!).

If it were necessary to transport naked, then my choice would be approximately 100 years into the future and hope like hell that a more evolved human race is continuing. If not, I’ll probably end up in the new version of a psych ward or jail for tromping around naked with no understanding of the new “common” societal norm. I suppose if we’ve managed to kill ourselves off, I may have a hard time surviving the elements…

No matter what, I’m sure it would be quite the learning experience.

Q9. Is there one particular topic you secretly would love to blog about, but just haven’t had the nerve to do?
Nope. I have opinions on everything and there’s not much I fear. If some people don’t like it, they don’t have to read my opinion on it!

Q10. Describe yourself in three words.
Only three? Really? Hmm, ok: Analytical, Opinionated, Genuine

3 thoughts on “The Liebster Award!

    kbailey374 said:
    March 12, 2015 at 4:17 PM


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    insanitybytes22 said:
    March 12, 2015 at 5:29 PM

    Congratulations! 😉

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    Random Musings and Wanderlust said:
    March 13, 2015 at 1:24 PM

    Love your answers!! So glad you accepted the nomination and challenge! I for one, like to give in depth answers, so I can appreciate yours as well. As for the time machine, I was thinking more along the lines of The Time Machine, you could take what you wanted. I’m not to fond of the, dumped in the middle of an unknown place naked, kind of thing. lol. Reminds me of those nightmares where you find yourself naked in the middle of a room full of people. 🙂

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