Emotion (Dedicated Poem)

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Dedicated to Betty. 
You freely accepted me immediately and without question. Such a beautiful soul, you will be missed. I love you! Rest in peace, dear sister.


Calm and serene, it’s halted, dammed

But exists, freedom in demand



Open flows, I can’t grasp or hold

Trickle becomes torrent too bold


A teardrop

In a river and out to sea

Unstoppable, it changes me


Not static

It is shared, a ripple effect

Changing in ways we don’t expect



Anger that strikes without cause

Harming all, no thought or pause



Blinds us with our very own dream

Wishing things could be as they seem


Seeking strength

Looking to my loved ones so strong

Recognizing I can belong


Less a fool

Taking control of emotion

Continue my forward motion



Feelings shared, to love is not weak

(and) Be a better human I seek



As I am loved without restraint

Though I will never be a saint


Gain wisdom

Leaving behind conflict and strife

Learn and grow, loving, living life


Cycles turn

Choice at every path my heart meets

I choose happiness and peace


-jsjoslin Apr2015


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    rebbit7 said:
    April 16, 2015 at 1:17 PM



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