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Wild Woman

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Deeply meaningful post I strongly suggest women read and take a few minutes to actually consider what it might mean to you. “I am woman, hear me…” Is not a joke, though it seems to have been reduced to one in an evolutionary age of apathy. But it’s hard to instill meaning once it has been stripped away from a culture. I hope you enjoy Avalon’s musings on Wild Woman:


We  have lost touch with the essence of Wild Woman. Sure we hear the word, we hear it like a title said with the same air as the word Queen yet seperated from it’s inherent nobility.  We see …

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Is Amazon Good For Books?

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Personally, I have mixed feelings about Amazon, but they are frequently my first go-to to find what I need (or at least price compare) and they certainly get plenty of my money (even though as a general rule, I don’t care for monopolies).

As a reader, I sometimes feel bad that I don’t spend more money on ebooks, but I prefer print if I plan to re-read it and especially for reference books. I have been considering adding a Goodreads link to my site since I’ve been posting my thoughts on others’ works lately. Goodreads a good idea? I guess we’ll see.

I fell in love with audio books years ago when I discovered I could “read” while doing chores and other mindless tasks instead of the usual can’t-do-anything-else when reading print books. Of course I’m not always happy with the narrators as they can make or break the impact a book can have, but you just can’t please everyone anyway.

As a writer? Don’t know yet, so that will have to wait for another day…

Meantime, read what John had to say on the subject.

Johnny Reads

Exactly one year ago today I wrote this post asking the exact same question. But if you happen to click the link you’ll find that there was no discussion at the time. One Like and no comments. Which is funny because the post I published just two days later currently has 109 Likes and 189 comments. Just how these things go sometimes. And honestly, I’ve wanted to revisit this particular topic for a long time now. Partly because last year’s post went unnoticed and because a lot has changed in the last 365 days.

Let me also say something very important. I know some of you will read this question as “Is Amazon good for publishing?” Don’t. I’m looking big picture here. Writers. Readers. Publishers. All of it.

First, I’d like for you to simply answer the question. A simple yes or no will suffice for now.

Got your answer?…

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7 Good Reasons to Cut Yourself Some Slack

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Our Better Health

May 4, 2015      By Andrea Schulman

Ever have the feeling that you’re just not good enough? Though it’s pretty normal for people to beat up on themselves, doing so can make life a lot more challenging as it can cause anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. To keep negative, self-critical thoughts from dragging you down, here are a few reasons to cut yourself some slack!

1. Repeat after me: There’s no such thing as perfect! 

What would perfect even be? What’s its age, IQ, religious preference, and blood type?  How tall is it?  Is it outgoing and funny or introspective and thoughtful? Is it a student, a CEO or a stay at home parent? There’s no perfect way to be, we simply are what we are.   We are unique, and there’s nothing specific that we are supposed to do, be or have.

2. Everyone has struggles, problems and…

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Do You Love Yourself?

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Powerful thoughts here. It inspires me to write on the subject myself one day soon. In the meantime, please leave comments over at the original posting site. Thanks.



Do you love yourself?

As I’ve learned more about interpersonal dynamics and relationships, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are three things which significantly impact a persons ability to have a happy relationship.

  1. Your mindset. This is whether you believe your base traits and characteristics are largely fixed, or whether you believe they can change over time. I’ve touched on this in the past (and will deal with it in more depth in the future), but essentially EVERYTHING can change and everything can improve over time. When you don’t believe it can, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  2. Your ability to let your partner in. I recently wrote on this in a post on Emotional Walls. When we wall ourselves off from our partners, we create barriers to the intimacy or closeness we can have. Without closeness relationships suffer. They
  3. How much you love yourself. This…

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How To Attract Women

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Unattached men out there, take note…

See, there's this thing called biology...

batman1. Learn to fly. Superman can fly. Batman and Spiderman have improvised but they can fly, too. Edward the vampire in Twilight can fly. Rocket man can fly.  Learn how to fly. Flying is important to women.

2. Be tall. Be precisely 2.2 inches taller. This is absolutely critical. I realize this can be challenging because women come in all different sizes and height is not something one can control on a whim. Fortunately women are easily deceived, so you can always arrive on a horse. Or find a dangerous profession like climbing telephone polls. The point is, we need to be able to look up to see you. If you can fly, this shouldn’t be a problem.

superman3. Drive a cool car. This is actually not completely true. You can also ride a horse. Or a motorcycle. Riding a flying dragon would be even better. If you can actually…

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Women and Girls Are Not Victims

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Very well said!

One Gentleman's Perspective

funny gifs

Women and girls, you are not victims. Instead of this sense of victim conditioning, you should instead learn to have mental fortitude, resolve and personal responsibility. Through One Gentleman’s Perspective, I will ask of one favor.

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The Universe is NOT Indifferent to you

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Truth! Whether you believe in a “higher power” or not, you cannot dispute the effect you have on the world around you…

See, there's this thing called biology...

A few times in conversation the idea of an indifferent universe has come up, specifically the idea that “the universe is indifferent to you.” It’s one thing to choose to refuse to believe in God, but the belief in an indifferent universe isn’t even good science.

I believe in a Divine and Holy God that is far from indifferent, but infinitely wise and merciful, steadfast, existing outside and beyond time, and yet so personable, loving, and invested in each one of us that He takes a personal interest in each of us individually. Wise, just, moral, pure, and possessing a kind of love that is so great, it pretty much exceeds our ability to even perceive it.

If one does not believe in God however, you can’t just scrap all the laws of physics. (Or perhaps that’s the only logical thing to do because no God, no physics either.) Just…

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Flowing to Love

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This dovetails nicely with my most recent post. Thank you, Pat 🙂

Source of Inspiration


War does not begat peace
Hatred does not flow to love
Energy moves to like energy
Your thoughts and actions
flow to more of the same

Love flows to love
only love
respect builds respect
compassion expands into
more compassion

You choose what fills your life
by your thoughts and actions
To change your life
you must change your thinking

Choose wisely
be diligent
guard your thoughts
for their power
is beyond your wildest

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IQ and Intelligence

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See, there's this thing called biology...

I’m laughing here, but Knowledge Guild is just begging for a bit of attention. Here is the synopsis from that blog,  A higher intelligence has a definite correlation with a liberal political ideology and atheism, or so new statistical research informs us. According to psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa…” Click to read more.

I don’t really wish to delve into the obvious issues with this “brilliant” piece of research, I wish to mock the entire concept of intelligence, simply because it amuses me to do so.

As is typical on the internet, we soon arrive at this comment, “My IQ is very close to that of Albert Einstein.” Awesome! How fabulous to be you. My goodness, you are so smart. I should put a gold sticker on your little chart and pat you on the head.

Unfortunately with the advent of technology, the little microchip in Barney the talking dinosaur now…

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