I’m BIG on hand-made crafting and enjoy coming up with new ideas or reproducing someone else’s genius idea.  Hand-made creations are generally unique by virtue of the elements used and/or the crafter doing the crafting, can cost as little or as much as you choose to invest in the project, and always brings a smile once it’s complete – even project fails get the laughing or ironic smile though it may be accompanied by a groan.
I really enjoy finding and employing something new and unique, so it might be made from anything: essential oils and butters, gemstones and metals, wood and stone, fabric and yarn, paper and color…  I find that need inspires ingenuity so the vast majority of my personal creations come from something that will make life easier on myself or someone I love. If in doubt, I will note which creations are of my own making and which are copies or modifications of someone else’s.
I’m also BIG on practicality so it’s highly unlikely you will find anything here with the sole purpose of “look pretty”. I ascribe to Feng Shui concepts and alternative therapies so even jewelry, candles and wall-hangings have a practical purpose beyond beauty.  Besides, in our house, “look pretty” is synonymous with “dust catcher” so if it doesn’t have some practical purpose, it won’t be staying long.

I have opted to post the majority of my crafty creations at a separate blog site:  Creative KnightHearth

Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Enjoy!


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