Life and Living It

I wish to share with you what I observe, learn, and experience in my interesting world here at KnightHearth. Be forewarned: if it’s found under this category, there’s a better-than-likely chance it will have something to do with our dogs! (… or the land… or friends… everyday stuff…) Every day is filled with the endless entertainment provided by the four-leggeds so don’t be surprised! We also currently have three cats that come and go as cats will, five fish in the Aquaponics system, and an endless variety of wildlife in, on and around our land. Enjoy!

Snow day play
Snow day play

2 thoughts on “Life and Living It

    rustygarnersmith said:
    March 10, 2015 at 1:40 AM

    I saw you were tearing my site apart looking for the elusive Squatch. I just happened to be right here in your backyard, doing the same. I am following you as I can’t let you stalk me without recourse. Thank you for being, and I am enjoying your site. I will be coming back constantly, so be prepared.


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