Enjoy Mom’s Day Week with Essential Oils

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Mother’s Day for me means beauty of all kinds, flowers, hearts, rainbows, the purity of a child’s unconditional love, all the natural abundance Mother Nature provides, and anything wonderfully unassuming. Maybe I’m a little biased because I had such a loving mother growing up, but I figure that’s in no way a bad thing. So when I found out about a free summit offered on essential oils to begin this week, I thought that’s perfect!


There’s a revolution on natural health going on and I definitely want to be a part of it! People all across the world are scrambling to find natural solutions to their health problems. Of all the so-called “alternative” options, essential oils are now the hottest trend toward regaining control of health, because they work! Join the revolution! Read the rest of this entry »


On Writing (review)

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On Writing

I decided that if there is a halfway decent story inside me, and even so much as a feather’s chance in hell it will ever see daylight, I’d better do some research on how best I might make that happen. Naturally, start with what you already have available, so… Read the rest of this entry »

7 Good Reasons to Cut Yourself Some Slack

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Our Better Health

May 4, 2015      By Andrea Schulman

Ever have the feeling that you’re just not good enough? Though it’s pretty normal for people to beat up on themselves, doing so can make life a lot more challenging as it can cause anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. To keep negative, self-critical thoughts from dragging you down, here are a few reasons to cut yourself some slack!

1. Repeat after me: There’s no such thing as perfect! 

What would perfect even be? What’s its age, IQ, religious preference, and blood type?  How tall is it?  Is it outgoing and funny or introspective and thoughtful? Is it a student, a CEO or a stay at home parent? There’s no perfect way to be, we simply are what we are.   We are unique, and there’s nothing specific that we are supposed to do, be or have.

2. Everyone has struggles, problems and…

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Write a Fantasy Novel? Me?!

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For the last several days my mind is overflowing with thoughts revolving around a story idea for a fantasy fiction novel. How bizarre. I mean sure, I’ve made up stories in my head, but never anything this elaborate or detailed, and never anything that was so insistent about coming out of my head. It’s already beginning to show signs of obsession.

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The Gift of Listening

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A few years ago, I dislocated my hip during karate class. It caused some tearing inside the joint making it difficult to walk and impossible to sit or stand normally. About a year afterward, a friend of mine asked me if I’d ever figured out what actually happened to cause the injury. Well, she already knew I was injured during karate class (we attended together) and knew some of the recovery difficulties since then, so I thought she must want the whole story. I backed up to what I thought was really the beginning… Read the rest of this entry »

Emotion (Dedicated Poem)

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Dedicated to Betty. 
You freely accepted me immediately and without question. Such a beautiful soul, you will be missed. I love you! Rest in peace, dear sister.


Calm and serene, it’s halted, dammed

But exists, freedom in demand



Open flows, I can’t grasp or hold

Trickle becomes torrent too bold

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Self-Love: Acceptance

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In attempting to write about self-love, I have offered my thoughts on the idea that loving yourself can come with a stigma of selfish arrogance making it difficult to even consider the concept (see post Self-Love: Stigma), and I’ve offered my thoughts on the potentially detrimental judgments we all use to make decisions on anything and everything in our lives (see post Self-Love: Judgements). Loving one’s self can be a difficult, subjective, emotional, rocky and sometimes convoluted concept – at least until you feel it for yourself. I feel the key to finding a way love yourself is by first learning to accept yourself and everything about YOU. Read the rest of this entry »

Self-Love: Judgments

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As I mentioned in the earlier post “Self-Love: Stigma“, the complex subject of loving one’s self is not an easy one to address. However, I do believe it’s necessary in the hope that it may help someone unhappy and struggling to learn that loving yourself is absolutely vital to finding your own happiness. In this post, I wish to discuss how judgments pervade and hinder our lives, particularly with regard to loving one’s self.

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Self-Love: Stigma

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LoveMeOh boy, self-love is a tough subject to write about! When fellow blogger ZombieDrew2 brought up this subject of a few weeks ago over at TheZombieShuffle  (read those posts here), I thought this was a great subject needing to be to addressed, one not discussed very often. I believe many people suffer from a difficulty to love themselves, and many may not even realize this is a core problem to their unhappiness. But, when I decided to start writing my take on the subject, I ran into some trouble…

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Struggling with Truth

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Traveler walks alone through a deserted landscape, deserted towns, deserted world. He encounters few people on this path traveling their own way. Mostly, this is a lonely road, surviving alone, with little or no support, wishing for safety and security along with freedom. Is that even possible? Read the rest of this entry »