In Consideration of Others

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Said a Blade of Grass

Several weeks ago, I ran across this post about Kahlil Gibran and his poem “Said a Blade of Grass”I can appreciate the point to the post as well as the poem, even though I’d never heard of this particular poet before. It got me thinking, and that’s the door where understanding can come in…

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Essential Oils Revolution Summit – 4 days left!

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In case you haven’t been following along, it’s not too late! Get in on this FREE summit now!


We have four more days of experienced, educated speakers scheduled for the Essential Oils Revolution Summit.  I fully expect the remaining speakers to continue to amaze me away with their knowledge and tips as those who spoke during these first four days have done. This summit has been truly mind-blowing! The fact this information is being handed out for free leaves us with no excuse but to learn as much as we can squeeze into our days.

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Emotion (Dedicated Poem)

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Dedicated to Betty. 
You freely accepted me immediately and without question. Such a beautiful soul, you will be missed. I love you! Rest in peace, dear sister.


Calm and serene, it’s halted, dammed

But exists, freedom in demand



Open flows, I can’t grasp or hold

Trickle becomes torrent too bold

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Struggling with Truth

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Traveler walks alone through a deserted landscape, deserted towns, deserted world. He encounters few people on this path traveling their own way. Mostly, this is a lonely road, surviving alone, with little or no support, wishing for safety and security along with freedom. Is that even possible? Read the rest of this entry »

Pathways: Abstract thoughts on living life

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Rocky Path

We are all on a path we call Life, living in this existence, experiencing this world we call Reality. Everyone’s path is unique to the life they choose and the choices they make. We travel down the path, sometimes with briars in our way, leaving chunks of tender flesh behind. Sometimes the way is beautiful and clear. Read the rest of this entry »