In Consideration of Others

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Said a Blade of Grass

Several weeks ago, I ran across this post about Kahlil Gibran and his poem “Said a Blade of Grass”I can appreciate the point to the post as well as the poem, even though I’d never heard of this particular poet before. It got me thinking, and that’s the door where understanding can come in…

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My Journey with Essential Oils

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When I was a teenager, it seemed like I was constantly catching every virus that made a passing glance in my direction. Not only viruses, but then while the virus had me down, it would always develop into something worse. When I caught a cold, I would end up with strep throat or bronchitis. When I had the flu, I often caught something else at the same time. Over the counter cold and flu remedies sometimes helped a little for a short time, but usually not much, not for long, and often gave me some new nastiness to suffer. Eventually I would be given antibiotics for the bacterial infections that invariably lead to horrible yeast infections (seriously, I’d rather combat the flu). I’d get over the virus and the infections, finally begin to feel normal again, usually just in time to catch the next bug or a mutated version of what I just combatted. Essential oils finally (finally!) broke that cycle for me! Read the rest of this entry »

Essential Oils Revolution Summit – 4 days left!

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In case you haven’t been following along, it’s not too late! Get in on this FREE summit now!


We have four more days of experienced, educated speakers scheduled for the Essential Oils Revolution Summit.  I fully expect the remaining speakers to continue to amaze me away with their knowledge and tips as those who spoke during these first four days have done. This summit has been truly mind-blowing! The fact this information is being handed out for free leaves us with no excuse but to learn as much as we can squeeze into our days.

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Enjoy Mom’s Day Week with Essential Oils

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Mother’s Day for me means beauty of all kinds, flowers, hearts, rainbows, the purity of a child’s unconditional love, all the natural abundance Mother Nature provides, and anything wonderfully unassuming. Maybe I’m a little biased because I had such a loving mother growing up, but I figure that’s in no way a bad thing. So when I found out about a free summit offered on essential oils to begin this week, I thought that’s perfect!


There’s a revolution on natural health going on and I definitely want to be a part of it! People all across the world are scrambling to find natural solutions to their health problems. Of all the so-called “alternative” options, essential oils are now the hottest trend toward regaining control of health, because they work! Join the revolution! Read the rest of this entry »

Write a Fantasy Novel? Me?!

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For the last several days my mind is overflowing with thoughts revolving around a story idea for a fantasy fiction novel. How bizarre. I mean sure, I’ve made up stories in my head, but never anything this elaborate or detailed, and never anything that was so insistent about coming out of my head. It’s already beginning to show signs of obsession.

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Emotion (Dedicated Poem)

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Dedicated to Betty. 
You freely accepted me immediately and without question. Such a beautiful soul, you will be missed. I love you! Rest in peace, dear sister.


Calm and serene, it’s halted, dammed

But exists, freedom in demand



Open flows, I can’t grasp or hold

Trickle becomes torrent too bold

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A Dog’s Life

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It’s truly a dog’s life here at KnightHearth. My husband and I have independently, and frequently, commented “I want to come back as one of our dogs!”  Life for our dogs is very low stress. We have 25 acres of mostly wooded lands to run, siblings to play, all day and night to sleep (when they’re not on guard duty), humans to love them (practically whenever the spring-loaded hind leg informs us there’s a belly-toll to be paid), and lots of games to play with us too! Read the rest of this entry »

A Squirrel and A Cat

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Sometimes what we think we see as a clear path one way leads us in an entirely unexpected direction…
Warning: NOT for the faint of heart. Seriously, if you melt over small, furry, baby critters, just skip this one.

As Winter begins to thaw, Spring is quickly coming up on us, and I’m reminded of a story that happened a couple of years ago…   It was early Spring, the morning after a harsh wind storm when I took my dogs out to see what trees and limbs had fallen and assess what cleanup work awaited us. As I rounded a corner of the house, I heard a high-pitched squeal that set the dogs off at a charge.

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Learning Lessons

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Why is it some lessons are so easy “ok, won’t do that again”, and others are so hard for us to grasp and actually put into practice?

The Right Tool for The Job
Lots of times, the so-called “right tool” is just a common tool repackaged under a new name, usually for a higher price, so the manufacturer can make more money. Kudos to the manufacturer for capitalizing on ignorance, but I won’t spend the money if it really isn’t necessary. Read the rest of this entry »

Everything is Energy

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If Everything is Energy, then energy really IS everything.

It’s no great stretch of the imagination that energy is apparent in natural elements like electricity, fire, water, etc. As humans, we harness that energy to power our lives with light, heat, plumbing, phones… Elemental energy is obviously a life of its own, sometimes guided by human hand, sometimes chaotically destroying whole towns. Read the rest of this entry »