Research on Writing How-To Continues

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In an effort to better understand what separates “good” writing from “bad” writing, I’ve been taking advantage of free ebook offerings via Amazon, iBooks and Wattpad. It’s helping my understanding considerably. It’s not just mechanics and word choice, it’s consistency (ever read a 25-cent word thrown in like the author just learned it and was determined to use it even if it disrupts the flow?). It’s not just the characters and background detail, it’s how you present them. Read the rest of this entry »


In Consideration of Others

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Said a Blade of Grass

Several weeks ago, I ran across this post about Kahlil Gibran and his poem “Said a Blade of Grass”I can appreciate the point to the post as well as the poem, even though I’d never heard of this particular poet before. It got me thinking, and that’s the door where understanding can come in…

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Knowledge Vs. Differences of Opinion

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We all have our own opinions based on a combination of what we were taught by authority figures (also known as indoctrination when we were children), what we have experienced so far in our lives, and what we have learned about our world from a variety of other information sources. For example, it is my opinion that to assume we know all there is to know on a given subject, no matter our level of expertise, we are short-changing ourselves to further possibilities of more knowledge and understanding. Read the rest of this entry »